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What we do?

We specialize in, but are not limited to, highly cored, complex, machined components that are finished to specification. Our professional engineering staff can assist you in the conception and design of your finished product in the casting and forging processes. Your component can be completely machined, painted or plated and ready for assembly (or we can provide the assembly for you), on time and done right the first time.


Facilities for casting most of the Non-ferrous metals such as zinc, aluminum and brass, Gun metal, other Bronzes and so on exist in India to offer our customer best quality coupled with costing that is competitive on a worldwide basis. The following casting technologies are available on commercial basis that can produce international standard quality results:


Machining capability, from simple drilling operations to the most complex ones utilizing the latest in CNC and VMC machining centers, exist for finished parts. Surface finishes from polished brass with lacquer coating to satin or polished chrome, to epoxy liquid or powder-coated product offering an array of color choices are available within our network. We classify these as any product manufactured from rods (hexagonal or round). There can be several processes involved downstream starting from the bar. The size of the rod can be anywhere from 2 mm to 300 mm.


At Dominant, we understand that our customers face an increasingly complex business environment, where excellence is constantly being further refined and fine-tuned, the margins for errors are shrinking. We have the ability to produce quality engineered solutions, in many areas of high and low pressure containment and control. We have a flexible approach and the ability to offer from the outset carefully thought-out designs, which are cost effective, reliable and with sensible lead times. We adhere to our commitment to produce quality product and supply in time. We believe in utilizing latest technology to maintain the consistency and accuracy of the forged products.


Along with our manufacturing facilities, we offer “one-stop” product assembly services, which when required, can include testing, inspection, packaging and distribution. We can assemble entire products on your behalf, or part assemblies, and we are able to incorporate free-issue components when requested. We can tailor a complete finishing package, inclusive of labelling, storage and distribution – and will even take the orders for you if you wish! For a number of our customers we simply ARE their manufacturing facility, as we manufacture, stock and deliver products on a drop-ship basis on their behalf.

Dominant offers ISO 9001:2015 compliant contract assembly services to custom product manufacturers and OEMs. Depending on your specifications, we assemble custom products and help reduce your overall assembling cost. In addition to supplying box build assemblies, Dominant also specializes in offering machining, inspection, and product packaging solutions. In order to deliver products and components with the highest level of quality possible we take advantage of a number of quality control and inspection processes. 

Contact us now to find out how our assembly services can help you ensure consistency, precision and quality for every stage of your manufacturing process.